APRIL 24 2017

Agenda: LINK
Attention Getter Practice: LINK
Executive Summary Practice: LINK






Day 1: Creativity
Day 2: Entrepreneur's Mantra Five Question Follow Up
Day 2: Dreaming
Day 2: To Do List
Day 2: Organizing Tasks
Day 5: Passion and Energy
Day 5: Entrepreneur's Advice
Day 6: Naming Considerations
Day 6: Naming a Business
Day 6: Naming Your Business
Day 7: Logo Creation
Day 7: Logo Evaluation
Day 7: Logo Creation (2)  
Day 8: Types of Taglines Overview
Day 8: Types of Taglines
Day 8: Top Taglines
Day 9: Business Identity
Day 9: Your Business Identity
Day 10: Financial Snapshot Practice
Day 10: Financial Snapshot Review
Day 10: Financial Snapshot Overview
Day 10: Your Financial Snapshot
Day 11: Pricing Terms
Day 12: Location   (Source)
Day 12: Mission Statements
Day 13: Company Profile
Day 13; Professional Background

Day 6: Innovation

Day 12: Marketing Plan
Day 12: Niche Markets
Day 13: Creating Value
Day 13: Features and Benefits
Day 18: Podcast Questions
Day 23: Mission Statements
Day 26: Market Research
Day 26: Location


Meaning of Color: LINK










Academic Vocab #1
Career Cruising Completion Form

Company Profile
Creating Value
Creativity Practice #1
Features & Benefits Chart
Final Final Project Template (Updated 5/2)
Financial Snapshot Practice
Financial Snapshot Review
I cans...(2/3)
I cans...(2/17)
Identifying Logos
Intellectual Property
Khan Academy Completion #1

Logo Creation
Logo Evolution Evaluation

Meaning of Color
Mission / Vision Statements
Naming a Business
Naming Your Business
New v. Old Logos
Niche Markets
Personal Background
Persuasive Essay
Persuasive Essay Rubric
Podcast Questions (Ian Falconer)
Professional Background
Project Check #1
Shark Tank Journal #1
Shark Tank Journal #3
Tips for Entrepreneurs
To Do List
Top Taglines
Types of Taglines

Your Financial Snapshot