Course Name: MGT 301: Be Your Own Boss

Course Time: 4th Hour

School: Hastings High School

Instructor: Mr. Jason Burghardt


Phone Number: (269) 948-4409 x5110

Room #: B105

Office Hours: M/W 7:00 – 7:45

Course Details: This business administration management & operations course expands on the concept of entrepreneurship discussed in lower level business courses.  In this course students will gain in depth knowledge of what is required to start a business including government requirements, capital, intellectual property and more.  Students will also gain in depth knowledge on strategies of successful entrepreneurs, along with general business practices to start and run a business including feasibility studies, market research, industry research, marketing, bootstrapping a business and more.  Additional topics will also include identifying workplace hazards, professional networking and professional development. 
*Articulated credit for KCC BUEN 100 available (1 credit)
*Articulated credit for KCC BUEN 101 available (2 credits)

Major Topics: Start up Requirements, Intellectual Property, Common Business Practices, Gaining Customers, Financial Statements, Resumes/Networking, Market Research, Business Feasibility

Grading Scale:
A+: 100%                      A: 99% - 93%              A-: 92% - 90%
B+: 89% - 87%             B: 86% - 83%              B-: 82% - 80%
C+: 79% - 77%             C: 76% - 73%               C-: 72% - 70%
D+: 69% - 67%             D: 66% - 63%              D-: 62% - 60%
F: 59% - 0%

Broad Primary Goals: Presenting, Planning, Creativity

Expectations: Students are prepared to participate each and every day and take responsibility and accountability for their learning.

Textbook: None, online resources and instructor provided materials will be used instead of a textbook

Required Supplies: Students must keep documents for future lab times and for periodical assignment/project checks.  It is recommended for students to have a folder or 3-ring binder to keep assignments and course documents/handouts.

Pre-Requisites: MGT 100 & MGT 200  *Starting in 2014-2015 school year