Course Name: MGT 302: Achieving Career Success

Course Time: 2nd Hour

School: Hastings High School

Instructor: Mr. Jason Burghardt


Phone Number: (269) 948-4409 x5110

Room #: B105

Office Hours: M/W 7:00 – 7:45

Course Details: This business administration management & operations course expands on the concept of leadership, career development and professional development learned in lower level business courses.  In this course students will specifically look into careers that interest them and gain a greater understanding of that career, industry, job tasks, job requirements, educational requirements and labor market details related to the careers that interest them.  Students will also gain knowledge into labor market trends, labor market concepts and technological influences on careers.  Additional topics will also include teens in the workforce, and soft skills for employment.

Major Topics: Professional Development, Career Outlook, Personality Types, Job Tasks, Job Requirements, Educational Paths, Educational Requirements, Labor Market, Technology Trends, Workplace Safety, Resumes 

Grading Scale:
A+: 100%                      A: 99% - 93%              A-: 92% - 90%
B+: 89% - 87%             B: 86% - 83%              B-: 82% - 80%
C+: 79% - 77%             C: 76% - 73%               C-: 72% - 70%
D+: 69% - 67%             D: 66% - 63%              D-: 62% - 60%
F: 59% - 0%

Broad Primary Goals: Researching, Evaluating, Writing

Expectations: Students are prepared to participate each and every day and take responsibility and accountability for their learning.

Textbook: None, online resources and instructor provided materials will be used instead of a textbook

Required Supplies: Students must keep documents for future lab times and for periodical assignment/project checks.  It is recommended for students to have a folder or 3-ring binder to keep assignments and course documents/handouts.

Pre-Requisites: None