(1) Foundations of Marketing

Marketing Overview: Guide Work
Marketing Management: Guide Work
Role of Marketing: Guide Work
HIPOFARM:  Guide Work 
4 Ps of Marketing:  Guide Work
Markets: Guide Work
Demographics: Guide Work
Market Segments:  Guide Work
Target Market: Guide Work
Brands: Guide | Work
Global Marketing:  Guide | Work


What is Promotion: Guide 
Promotional Activities: Guide 
Promotional Channels: Guide 
Promotional Mix: Guide 
Promotional Plan: Guide 
Promotional Metrics: Guide 
Target Audiences: Guide
Advertisements: Guide 
Advertisement Components: Guide
Public Relations Activities: Guide  
Trade Shows & Expositions: Guide
Social Media & Promotion: Guide
Types of Social Media: Guide
B2C Social Media: Guide
Netiquette: Guide 


Features & Benefits: Guide 
Selling Process: Guide 
Selling Policies: Guide 
Building Clientele: Guide 
Customer Relations: Guide 
Ethics in Selling: Guide 
Closing the Sale: Guide
Overcoming Objections: Guide 
Sales Pitch: Guide


What is Channel Management?: Guide 
Distribution Channels: Guide 
Implementing Channel Management: Guide 
Channel Management Strategies: Guide 
Distribution Channel Members: Guide 
Managing Relationships within Channel Management: Guide
Channel Management Concepts: Guide 


Pricing Terms: Guide 
Pricing Factors: Guide 
Cost Plus Pricing: Guide 
Loss Leader: Guide 
Price Skimming: Guide 
Competition Pricing: Guide 
Product Line Pricing: Guide 
Psychological Pricing: Guide 
Price Bundling: Guide 
Penetration Pricing: Guide 
Ethics in Pricing: Guide


Product Mix: Guide 
Product Mix Strategies: Guide 
Product Positioning: Guide 
Brands: Guide 
Sales Forecast: Guide 
Unique Selling Proposition: Guide 
Selecting Target Markets: Guide